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Questions & Answers

Tae Kwon Do is loosely translated as “the art of hand and foot.” It is Korea’s most popular form of martial arts and is it’s national sport. It is filled with centuries of tradition, many of which we use in our Do Jang.

What is the name of the art we are studying?
In this Academy, we study the art of Tae Kwon Do.
Where was Tae Kwon Do born?
Tae Kwon Do was born and originated in Korea.
What is your Master Head Instructor's full name?
Our Master Head Instructor’s full name is Roy McLean. We call our instructor Sa Boo Nim.
What is your uniform and studio called in Korean?
The Tae Kwon Do uniform is called a Do Bok. The Studio is called a Do Jang.
If there is a class in session, what must one do before entering the Do Jang?
One should kneel at the edge of the mat and wait to be recognized by the instructor. Once recognized, bow to the flag, to the instructor, then enter.
Why do we yell?
We yell to develop internal and spiritual strength with concentration and confidence.
What is the bow?
The bow is the eastern way of greeting, similar to the handshake in the west.
Why do we bow?
We bow to show sincerity, respect, and deep appreciation.