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Success Stories

michael_perillo1Hello! My name is Denise Perillo. My son Michael is nine years old and has been taking Tae Kwon Do lessons with Master McLean since he was four years old with no real end in sight. Michael is now a junior black belt. I cannot say enough about Master McLean.

This was without a doubt one of the best investments we could have ever made for Michael. He has gained so much from this program. For a child to start any activity at such a young age and stick with it for as long as he has is a tribute to Master McLean and his teaching methods. He has found a perfect balance of instructor and friend. The kids truly love him, and respect him. I have been watching for five years and as a mother I can tell you that any child that comes into Millennium Martial Arts Academy with the right attitude and a willingness to work will leave begging their parents to sign them up.

The classes preach teamwork, with the kids working together, helping and encouraging each other. I see Michael thriving in all aspects of his life by using the tools he has developed from Tae Kwon Do. Michael has developed into a great student and has many friends. He is very humble and respectful. He is also a baseball player and I can see how Tae Kwon Do has helped his balance and focus. And the confidence he exudes is just wonderful!

Martial Arts was not something I thought Michael would be interested in at four years old. But after one lesson with Master McLean, Michael was hooked. Master McLean teaches the kids so many values which some children do not learn at home. He always uses positive reinforcement and is quick to praise a child, pushing them further than they ever thought they could go. This is so important to a developing child to feel safe and confident in his or her own self. Tae Kwon Do has been so much more than a physical fitness program for my son. He has earned the respect of his fellow students and is so willing to teach them what he has learned. I am very proud of Michael and very thankful to Master McLean.